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Q) How many AARs and T/As were built?
A) The generally accepted numbers are 2,724 for AARs (1604 automatic & 1120 4-speed) and 2,400* for T/As (1411 automatic & 989 4-speed). But the real answer is that nobody knows for sure. There are at least two reasons for this.

1) The way Chrysler kept its records. Chrysler kept records of the numbers built of a particular model which they call "shipments". This is an exact number. They also kept track of the percentage of cars equipped with an option for that model. This percent was rounded off to one decimal place. The Trans Am package was an option (A53) on the 'Cuda and Challenger model lines. So you take the number of shipments times the percentage of cars equipped with an option to come up with your answer. Here's the formula.

Shipments (known) x Cars Equipped with Option (rounded) = Answer (derived value)

The problem is that rounded number. To use an actual example:

There were 38,091 Challengers built. 6.3% of those came with the Trans Am package. Doing the math gives you 2400 T/As built. But so does any number from 2381 thru 2418. For the AAR the derived numbers are 2716 thru 2732. So that's reason number one.

2) The second reason is that these numbers are for US spec cars only. Thanks to my friend Barry Washington of the Challenger T/A Registry I can now provide you with Canadian AAR & T/A build numbers. Keep in mind that neither of us claim that these numbers are correct.

us_flag.jpg (5047 bytes) ca_flag.jpg (3748 bytes)


T/As 118 T/As
1,411 Automatic 75 Automatic
989 Manual 43 Manual


AARs 149 AARs
1.604 Automatic 85 Automatic
1,120 Manual 64 Manual

In a related note, most of these cars were built between March 10th and April 21st, 1970. There are a few exceptions though.

So now you know. Aren't you glad you asked?

* I have heard that Galen Govier has started using 2520 for the number of T/As built. I assume that number includes Canadian Spec (Y07) cars.

Q) How many AARs and T/As were built in each color?
A) Again the answer is, nobody knows. And it's only partially for the same reasons listed in the first question above. The real problem is you can't determine what percentage of cars equipped with an option were equipped with another option (and which paint color you chose was an option). According to Mopar guru Galen Govier in his By The Numbers column in the October, 2000 issue of High Performance Mopar. "There isn't a separate (Option and Accessories) report for the AAR 'Cuda because it's an option (A53) on the 'Cuda hardtop. That's why no one can tell you how many FM3 AAR 'Cudas were built, because the paint is on one line (of the report) and the AAR Package is on another line. The only combinations that were calculated were engine, transmission and axle ratios, including Sure-Grip".

What I can tell you is the relative popularity of a color based on the numbers registered with the AARchives and the T/A registry. I'll break it down into four categories; common, popular, uncommon and rare. Only about 32% of AARs are accounted for here and around 35% of T/As.

Very Common - FE5, FY1
Common - EB5, EF8, EK2, EV2, EW1, FC7, FF4, FJ5, FK5
Uncommon - FJ6, FM3
Rare - TX9
Very Rare - BL1, DY3, EB3, EB7, FT6, FY4

Very Common - EV2, FC7, FE5, FY1
Common - EB5, EK2, FJ5, FJ6, FK5, FM3
Uncommon - EB3, EF8, EW1, FF4
Rare - BL1, DY3, FT6, FY4, TX9
Very Rare - EB7

While I'm at it, let's destroy a popular myth here. There were a lot more than 28 T/As made in FM3 Panther Pink. With only about 35% of all T/As accounted for in the T/A registry there are already more than double that.

Q) Where can I find an AAR or T/A?
A) Click on LINKS at the top of the page

Q) How can I tell if it's a real AAR or T/A?
A) Click on DOCUMENTATION at the top of the page

Q) How can I tell if my car is numbers matching?
A) Click on #s MATCHING? at the top of the page

Q) Are you sure about the information on your site?
A) I did a lot of research, but I'm still learning everyday. I made this site so others could find a convenient location for the information they are looking for. I have had some input from the experts so most of this info has been checked over by them. But I expect to make changes to this site constantly.

Q) Why is there more T/A information on your site than AAR information.
A) There are at least 3 reasons. First, Barry Washington of the T/A registry has been extremely generous with his time, and information. I can't say enough about how much he has helped me. But just in case you're worried about the kind of information he gave me. Rest assured that if you noted that you don't want something published or passed on when you registered your car, Barry kept it a secret. The second reason is that T/As offered more variety than AARs, they seem to come up for sale more often, and they seem to be plagued with more restoration errors. The third reason, is that I know more people with T/As.

Q) Can I ask you a technical question?
A) Sure, but I probably won't know the answer. That's one of the reasons I don't have that much information about the mechanical aspects of these cars. I'm not very mechanically inclined. I don't even own an AAR or T/A.

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